Bench production and details videos!

Here are a couple more videos I found about constructing benches that should be helpful in your decision of what type of shoe storage bench to build or buy yourself!


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Fundamentals of Wood for Construction

Wood is an amazing building material.

Since wood is a part of a plant, its an organic material that is renewable. It’s amazingly flexible and can be used in a variety of fashions for constructing furniture and in hundreds of other construction jobs. Wood becomes so strong and flexible because it is subject to the whims of the environment in which it grows. Trees have to survive in rain, wind, snow, blizzards, sunshine, etc. This creates a very strong, but very flexible piece of material. The types of characteristics the wood takes on depend on the type of tree as well as the environment in which it grows.

Wood tends to take on the strongest characteristics if you cut it in the same direction that the tree was grown, and this is typically how it is done for construction. The long direction of the board runs in the same direction as the tree. These types of attributes of construction have been used for centuries, to creat durability and strength. Long ago the strength of wooden construction was recognized and the tools were developed to cut and cure wood in order to use it as a building material. Since then we have gone over and above on creating fantastic things out of this simple material. Wood!

Wooden storage benches are a fantastic way to greet your visitors as they walk into your house. My custom made wooden storage benches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as wood grains, types of wood and stain colors. I’ve been building these benches for a few years now and have many customers in the Louisville, KY area. Now I’d like to get online and spread the word abut J.A. Custom Furniture.

Here is a link to a site that even lists some of my benches online,

You can see this site also lists a variety of other wooden storage benches, but the custom made one by me is this one.

wooden storage bench custom

I’ve started selling these benches on amazon, and haven’t had any orders yet but I’m hoping to get business to start picking up soon!